The Radiology department is situated in the Mammography building where most of the medical imaging for the purpose of diagnosis takes place. However, the obstetric scan room is located on the ground floor of the combined ward close to the antenatal clinic and labour ward.
We offer quality and affordable services in a relaxed ambience.
Radiodiagnostic services offered at our centre are:
• Plain radiograph of the different body part, for example, Chest Xray, Abdominal xray, lower or upper limb xray, paranasal sinuses xray, postnatal space xray.
• Contrast studies (Specials): Hysterosalpingography (HSG), Intravenous urogram (IVU).
• Ultrasound scan of different body parts. Abdominal scan, pelvic scan, obstetric scan,neck/thyroid scan, ocular scan, transfontanelle scan, transvaginal scan, soft tisse scan, scrotal scan.
• Doppler ultrasound scan:Arterial Doppler, venous Doppler.
• Mammography: Screening and Diagnostic mammogram.

Dr. K.Adeyemi
Head of Department of Radiology