Head of Department Medical Social Welfare Office

Badmus(Miss.) SM

Medical Social Welfare Office

Department Profile

The social welfare office majorly is involved in ‘helping’ patients/individuals and restoring balance in their lives in Gbagada General Hospital, the listed are some of what we do in assisting the patients and clients;

  • Knowledge on referred cases, skills, and expertise on how to resolve the case.
  • Counseling of patients which could be any of the three listed below and it can be done either in groups or individually.
  1. Grief Counselling.
  2. HIV Counselling.
  3. Mental/Emotional Health Counselling.
  • Advocacy of Funds for patients (soliciting funds from churches, NGOs and individuals).
  • Assisting in getting drugs and medical investigation done in the Hospital pharmacy and laboratory for Abandoned, Indigents and Destitute patients in the facility.
  • Referral and placement of Destitute and abandoned patients.
  • Home tracing of patient’s relatives.
  • Reconciliation of patients with family members.
  • Intervention for abused (sexual, mental and emotional) patients and referring to the appropriate Authorities

In carrying out all these listed above, the patient’s confidentiality is paramount in every step of resolution.

Badmus(Miss.) SM

Head of Department Social Welfare Office

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