Head Public Affairs Department

Public Affairs Office

Department Profile

    • The Public Affairs Office (PAO)  is scheduled with the task of bringing to the attention of the MD/CEO, and management of the hospital, any news in the dailies bordering on medical, as well as, any other stories of interest to the hospital in general.
    • It also ensures that any issues that may constitute negative publicity or reaction from the members of the public are swiftly looked into and addressed.
    • We enhance the image of the hospital, vis-a-vis, the state governments’ in its quest for excellence in health service delivery.
    •  The Office engages with media houses with the aim of promoting the achievements and accomplishments of the hospital.
    • We ensure proper documentation of all events, occasions, assignments, both electronically and manually.
    • We also provide up to date statistics of the activities of the hospital, such as how many patients seen, attended to, admitted, discharged within stipulated time, complaints seen and dealt with, and other collated figures showing the activity of the hospital.
    • To promote, expose, and enlighten the activities of the hospital to the general public through the aggressive use of social platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and WhatsApp.
    • We are also tasked to occasionally embark on sensitization and enlightenment on the activities of the hospital.
    • To further reach a much wider audience on the goings on in GBGH, on a quarterly basis, the Gbagada Journal is published. 
    • To anchor any programme or events as directed by the MD. 


  • We are saddled with the responsibility of seeking sponsorship from Health Management Groups and Companies, Corporate Organisations and Bodies, with the aim of supplementing governments’ efforts in the provision of quality health care. 
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