Mr Ajao-Benson

Information & Communication Technology

Department Profile

HELP DESK:  We give advice and help to anyone who uses a computer in the hospital. We receive the phone calls for help and respond to handle the problems. Most of the time, we solve the problem remotely, but we are also available to make on-site visits.

TECHNICAL SUPPORT: We set up and install computer equipment and make most repairs. We also train staff on how to use new computer hardware and software. This includes using word-processing software, operating printers and even providing instructions on how to send and receive emails.

NETWORK ADMINISTRATION: We make sure that network systems keep communications and information flowing smoothly.

We select the required computer hardware and software for specific applications and supervise the installation. These networks include wide area networks, local area networks, intranets and other systems for communication. We design systems to operate at the least cost and increase productivity.

We also make sure that employees’ workstations are working properly and that the hospital’s servers and any mobile equipment are functioning correctly. We do any required maintenance, fix any network problems and upgrade computer security systems.

SECURITY: We design software, such as data encryption programs and firewalls, to protect the hospital’s computer systems and networks. We continuously check the hospital’s networks to detect security breaches and investigate when an attack occurs.

DATABASE ANALYSIS: We use special software to organize, manage and store data. We monitor databases to make sure they are operating efficiently and error-free. We also install back-up software to restore data in the event of power outages, software crashes and virus attacks.





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