Head Accounts Department

Mrs Odefisayo M.O

Finance And Accounts

Department Profile

The Finance & Accounts department is responsible for the overall finances of the hospital and also accountable for the accuracy of all financial accounting transactions. The department’s profile includes:

  • Displaying of Hospital Service Prices and Charges at a glance across Strategic Places.
  • Maintaining and keeping all Financial and Accounting source documents for the Hospital.
  • Electronic and manual coding system for e-billing.
  • Designing, Analyzing and making accessible patients Assessment/Loan cards.
  • Monitoring and ensuring settlement of patients’ bills.
  • Tracking of payments made by patients on Revenue generating electronic platform.
  • Recording, validating and ensuring timely payment of vendors’ invoices for purchases and for services rendered.
  • Reconciling of vendors’ statements and ensuring compliance with other financial regulatory guidelines.
  • Maintaining, Evaluating and Reviewing Internal Control System towards Zero Tolerance to indiscrepancies.
  • Uploading and running report of all hospital’s financial transactions on Oracle data base.
  • Reconciling Cash book balance with bank balance.
  • Providing overview of earnings to date and the current financial status of the hospital for management’s planning and evaluation
  • Maintaining cash Reserves for contingencies /unexpected or unplanned expenses.
  • To ensure accuracy and validity of monthly payments to employees and as well as to assist with any query regarding payments of staff’s salaries.
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