Head Admin And Human-Resources

Mrs. Dosunmu

Administrative & Human Resource

Department Profile

  • The department is headed by Mrs. Dosunmu, Director of  Admin and Human Resources 


The activities of the department are as follows:

  1. Build and maintain relationships to support employee engagement.
  2. Advance the facility’s mission, vision, and values by providing excellent, timely, and cost-effective customer service.
  3. Create and maintain a highly qualified, professional, diverse, and responsive workforce that accurately supports the facility’s mission, vision, and values.
  4. Promote a safe and healthy work environment for employees to experience job satisfaction in their achievements and contributions to the agency’s mission and vision.
  5. Improve the distribution of information and services through web-based tools.
  6. Continue to provide responsive administrative support to the facility.
  7. Be a strategic partner in managing the facility’s workforce

Units in the Department:

    1. Workforce Planning
    2. Learning and Development
    3. Employee and Industrial Relations
    4. Human Resource Performance Measures
    5. General Administration
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